Christmas Week 7: Freezer Fun

So are you freaking out a little? I am!!! Every year I wonder if I've forgotten something that will cause my well planned preparation to crumble into a big mess.

Okay, forgive me!! Thank you for letting me stress just a little!

Last week I encouraged you to get a spiral calendar for 2012 and I found one for myself at Dollar General. I also whipped up my Thanksgiving Dinner Menu since we WILL be at home after all. I have my shopping list divided into Pantry (buy after 1st of Nov), Freezer(buy after 15th of Nov) and Fresh (buy a few days before Thanksgiving.) This helps us keep within our normal food budget without destroying the rest of our budget.

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
Home style Turkey, the Michigander Way 
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy (homemade)
Mac n Cheese (boxed)
Dinner Rolls (store bought)
Homemade Apple Crumble (w/out almond meal & flaked coconut)

I also did a trial run of some things I am thinking about making and baking for Christmas gifts:

Make idea 1: Mini Christmas Stockings:
I didn't have a needle to hide the leftover yarn but it still looks cute!

Bake idea 1: Bread in a Can

I used cake mix instead of bread batter and it looks like I'll stick with the little cans! Everyone got to taste test at dinner and they all said it was a big hit!!!! I'll use card stock to decorate the cans after I've finished all my baking. I'll be perfect!

So with that, we are ready for Week 7: Stocking our freezer with meals for those busy nights during the holiday rush. There are lots of ways to do this and here are a few of my favorite ways!

  • One of the easiest ways to do this is double a dinner and freeze half of it. 
  • Don't Panic, Dinner's in the Freezer has some great recipes to freeze and has a nifty double, triple, and on up on all their recipes!!!! 
  • Make 5 Dinners in ONE hour has some awesome recipes as well as a free week sample. I subscribe to her menu planners and they are a life saver not only for cooking time but shopping as well!!!!
  • Or try a new recipe! Head on over to $5 Dinner Mom and try out her yummy Golden Raisin- Apple Stuffing Cups. Thanks Erin for joining in on our holiday preparation!!! 
You also need to pull out your pantry shopping list and buy any items you don't already have on hand. I like to beat the rush and have what I need right at the beginning of November. 

Take this easy week to finalize your Make and Bake list. We want to give ourselves enough time to joyfully make and bake all these items. Our bake day wont be until December but you can still make a grocery list of all the ingredients and supplies you will need. We will go shopping for these after December 1st!!! 

I'm really excited about next week cause its all about a great giveaway perfect for Christmas?  And if you head on over to Old House Mercantile and look around you just might figure out what's coming up next. If you think you know what it is why don't you play along and leave a comment as to what your guess is. With all this hard work, its time to have a little fun!!!! See ya next week!

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BeingBrook said...

I'm amazed at how organized you are!! I am totally a last minute gal when it comes to the holidays. This year I really need to get on the ball since my Christmas card labels got deleted on accident. Which is okay since half the list seems to move every year anyway.