Planning to Save: Week 8

Okay, its time to bring out the Master Christmas Card Roster and get all that information you didn't get filled in on Week 12. My goal is to have all our Christmas Cards done before Thanksgiving!!! Hey you think that is crazy? I know a friend who has hers done by Halloween!!!!!!!

Next thing on our list is to set our budge!!!! To do this you are going to need to write down everyone you think you want to give or make a gift for and put a cap on what you are willing to spend per person. If you have young children, set a limit of what you are going to spend on them. Once you get all these numbers plugged in, add them up and see what the total is. Be honest with yourself: is it realistic? If it isn't, adjust!!!! Once you work out your number, make a contract with yourself and/or spouse committing to that amount. Print it out, sign and date it and hang it up where you both can see it every day from now until Christmas. You can also get an index card and put that total on it and every time you buy something, subtract it from your total so you see your Christmas fund going down and hopefully ward off all the impulse buying.

Next we are going to work on our game plan for making and baking Christmas gifts. The Happy House Wife is doing an awesome series on Christmas gifts you can make and well worth looking into. Some of my other favorite Craft sites are Make and Takes, Moda Bake Shop, and Sweet Verbena just to name a few. And don't over look baking gifts!! Last year I did fudge and Cookies in a Jar. This year I will be trying Bread in a Can. I've been saving my aluminum cans and lids for the last couple of months. Once we get our Christmas picture, I will show you what I am planning on doing with the lids to accompany the bread!!!!! Until then, go have fun and look around for some creative ways to let your family and friends know you are thinking about them; without breaking the bank!!!!

So this week your to do list is:
  • Completing Master Christmas Card Roster
  • Committing to a budget
  • Gather ideas for make and bake gifts
This week lets link up fun make and bake gifts!!! Next week we will be working on stocking our freezer for the Holiday rush!!!!! 

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