Sew Much To Do Week 11: A hem

Is it really a dream if it doesn't cost you anything?
If NO sacrifice is made on your part?

As I am jotting down my post, at last minute, I am understanding that the only thing standing between my sewing and my dream is M-E!!!! I can do this if I just keep moving in that direction. No matter how big or small the gesture; it will move me closer to I CAN and farther from I CAN'T!! Which is what I did when I took three pair of pants and told my friend that I could hem them for her!!!!! I'm really excited that you can't tell which hem is the original hem and which one I did!!!

I am going to attempt to show you  how easy hemming is. Hang in, the pictures get alot better!!

1. I am starting my stitch between the original hem threads. I will knot my thread and pull it through from the bottom side of the hem to the top. Test your knot to make sure you thread will not pull through.

2. Once I know my knot is secure I will go back into the fabric below the first stitch BUT not through the pant leg yet!

3. This is where I am going to secure the hem to the pant leg by picking up a small amount of fabric and pulling my thread and needle through the pant leg.

4. Above shows a couple of stitches. You want just enough of the pant leg so that you can pull your thread through and secure your hem and no more. After you pull through your pant leg you need to go back into the top of the hem and start your stitch over again.

 5. Here I am going into the bottom of the hem and will pick up a little bit of the pant leg and work my way around the rest of the hem line.

 6. The reason you want to pick up just a small amount of fabric in the pant leg is because you will be making little tics on the outside of your pant leg. When you use coordinating thread you can't even tell. I used black so you could see what I was talking about.

7. Once you get to the end of your hem line and the hem is secure, you just tie another knot in your thread and you're finished!!!!

Now that November is upon us and my dress is on hold, since we are not going to the ball, I thought it would be fun to high light some fun Christmas projects I'll be working on in November.

1. Simple Draw-String Bag will replace wrapping paper this year.

2. Gift Card Cozy is a personal touch for those occasions you want to hand out a gift card.

3. A quick apron to go with some yummy cookies or fudge?

4. Christmas Stockings hung with care!!!

Alright, that is it for this week. Hope you stop by next week and keep me honest!

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