The CSI Challenge: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I have been thinking and thinking about what I could come up with for The CSI Challenge this week. And I actually didn't decide until today after waiting several hours in the APU waiting room while Big Daddy was in surgery. The original idea was to use an envelope and I was going to do that (because I always have extra envelopes from all those credit card companies who must think I am related to Mr. Trump otherwise they wouldn't be hitting me up for so many credit cards) but would you believe that I got no mail today!! So I did some fast thinking and decided to use last weekend's newspaper instead. This is so much fun!!!!!!  I'm going to wait till the end to tell you what I'm making; so I hope you will play along with me!!!!!

First I took out a section of the newspaper that was 2 pages but joined. If you were reading the pages it would actually be 4 different pages but when folded it is the normal width of a closed newspaper. Can I make this any more complicated?! Moving along........ 

I folded down the "seam" just as if I were going to make a paper airplane. (I just unfolded the paper to show how I was folding the paper)

Now to give it a little stability and keep this fold closed, I used regular tape and lined the top of the tape with my point and then folded the excess over to the back. I think the picture explains it much better than my words are right now. ( I used about an index length of tape for this part.)

Here the paper is folded and re-enforced with tape.

Next you will cut out a triangle using the bottom of the tape as a guide. (I was going to be fancy and use my curvy scissors, but they tore up the paper so I just used regular scissors instead. I think if you are going to use an envelope fancy scissors would be perfect.) I would have used my paper cutter, but Big Daddy is sleeping and I didn't want to wake him up!!

Once you have your triangle you just slip it onto the page you want to save, just like this, and you have a newspaper bookmark!!!! Darling isn't it!!!!

And here I have marked all the recipes I will use for dinner this week!!!!

I plan on letting the kids make their own bookmarks this weekend when we need something quiet to do so Big Daddy can get lots of rest and recover quickly. Or we just might ever so gently jump into bed and make these with him.

Don't forget to check out what everyone else made for this week's challenge!


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