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Sorry I am posting these late. So I will try to be quick. The next file of photos I that I am going through contains 59 photos. As I looked through them I realized most were from a day we were invited to the Pre-School of the boys' Sensai daughter. The pictures are a bit grainy because they were taken on my cell phone but I hope you enjoy getting a small peek into the Okinawan culture!!!

This specific preschool was held at a Japanese Baptist Church. To be a Christian in the Japanese culture is looked down upon because of their tradition and culture of ancestral worship.  It was always humbling in getting to know a Japanese Christian because you could feel the great sacrifice in their choice to accept Jesus as their Savior. It was humbling because it often had me reflecting on: "What sacrifice did I serve and worship Jesus?" I think it is a question that as believers if we answer honestly it will reveal the depth of our love for our Savior and Creator.
This must have been towards the end of the day as CJ is playing in the water that was meant for cleaning up.

My wet and loveable JJ. This climbing fort greeted us as soon as we walked to the entrance of the Pre-School which was at the back of the church.

Here is the play yard. Full of sand and not sure if you notice it but almost every building in Okinawa is made out of cement, as this church is.

This is where CJ played the most when she wasn't being cooed over by the older kids.

In the back ground you can see the children getting cleaned up after eating. And I'm not sure what LJ is doing but this is before he got wet playing in the sinks,lol.

Here was the food the parents brought to share. They pack their own lunches as well as bring food for others who might not have brought food, (that was us) or those who do not have enough food to eat. Once again very humbling!!!

Here is the pictures of some of the moms with their children,enjoying the day and friendships.

If my memory serves me correctly, the little girl with her hand in her hair was the Sensai's daughter. The little boy is trying to smash the watermelon on the ground. Alot like we do at birthdays with a pinata.

Once the watermelon is opened, then everyone gets a piece to eat. Yummy!

JJ getting a sneak peak, lol.

LJ having his hand.

I loved this picture, he was so excited to see if he hit it hard enough to split it opened.

A view from the inside to the out.

LJ trying his feet out with the stilts. This was very amusing to watch.

My little bat girl!!!!

Hands on learning, the boys are taking apart some electronics to see what they look like on the inside.

JJ enjoying his apple, he loves apples.

LJ and CJ dressed up.

Here is JJ joining in on the fun.

Eating lunch after a fun morning with bubbles.

CJ so proud she put her helmet on all by her self. I didn't tell her it was on backwards, lol.

JJ getting his hair cut on base.

This was on Camp Kinser and we are walking back to our tower. JJ had gotten this suit case from my mom and it said, "Going to Grandma's house." He took that thing E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E  for the longest time.

This was just too funny. I walked into CJ's room one day, and there she was playing with her underwear on her head.

Ha Ha, this was a real expression of what JJ thought when I showed him how much I had to cut out of the felt. Sad to say I still have alot more to cut out, lol. 

Well that is it for my walk down memory lane today. Thanks for joining me, it was fun!!!

Oh yes, I forgot one more thing I am going to add to Friday Photo is posting a recent picture of the kids each week. Either individually or as a group, but sorting through all these pictures has made me realize how much I do enjoy looking at pictures and I want to be able to look back with fond memories on these days of motherhood!!!!

It is sooo hard to get a good picture of JJ, so I was so excited to see that I got such a good shot of his wonderful smile!

Here my very helpful LJ is holding our lunch he scrumptiously prepared for us.  A yummy bowl of Maveled Eggs aka Deviled Eggs, which my children refuse to call them. And no that was not my doing, lol.

Underneath all those bubbles is our adorable CJ.
Have a blessed weekend and soul searching Resurrection Sunday; He Has Risen.... He Has Risen Indeed!

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