Slow Cooking Sunday

He Has Risen........................ He Has Risen Indeed

It is Resurrection Sunday, my favorite Sunday every year!!!!!! We did not make it to Sunrise Service and truth be told we will not be making it to church at all today. We decided that we wanted to stay home as a family, since Big Daddy is still on pain medications from his surgery. So far it has been a wonderful Sunday. I haven't taken the time to do my own bible reading BUT did get to help JJ read his section for today in his new Day by Day Kids Bible. LJ found the section in his new ICB Student Discovery Bible about the crucifixion of Jesus. Both have already eaten the heads off of their bunnies,lol and all is quite as my coffee finishes brewing. I can't wait to see what CJ thinks of her ICB God's Princess Bible and Princess Bunny when she wakes up. I'm about to fix pancakes for Big Daddy, I'm sure he is hungry and needs to eat before he takes his medication. But I wanted to share with you a cute bookmark I made to go along with the Bibles we got for our children this year. This is so simple that you can even have your children decorate them on their own to help keep their page as they read through their bibles.

First you need to mark off the sides of an envelope. I chose yellow as it is a bright color and will contrast nicely with the stamp I am using. 

Next you need to cut your triangles out. This can be done with regular scissors or you can use decorative scissors. (Note: you might want to test your scissors before making the final cut as you can see below depending on how you hold the scissors determines how the cut will look. 

 Almost done, all you have to do now is decorate. I chose to use a stamp for mine.

To give it a personal touch, I pulled out my colored pencils and blender pen. 
 For the boys I just colored in the heart in the middle of the flower then.....

finished it off with my blender pen. Not sure if you can tell but it smooths out the lines and makes the color pop!!! (This is one of my favorite ways to stamp!!!)

The top triangle has only been colored by a red color pencil, the bottom triangle has been touched up with a blender pen.

Next you simply slip your bookmark onto the corner of a page and have a colorful reminder of where you left off.

This is also a nice way to add a personal touch to any book.  Here I made a bookmark for the Gladys Alyward book we are currently reading. It says, "We do not remembers days, we remember moments."

Now we come to the part of my post where I am suppose to share a slow cooking recipe BUT I'm afraid that today we are simply having Ham Sandwiches. However I will open the linky in case you would like to share a favorite Resurrection Sunday recipe or something special you made for your loved ones in celebration of Resurrection Sunday. You have all week to link up so I do hope you find your way back to share how you celebrate our Risen Savior!!!!
p.s. The linky doesn't open until 2pm est. So go enjoy your SONday!!!!!!

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Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

These are great. I like that they were cut from envelope corners. Less gluing, less mess, super usable.