Slow Cooking Sunday


Well I must confess that today was a day of convenience.
 I had hoped to make it good and wholesome by cooking my own beans but after I over cooked them that wasn't going to happen.
 I seldom cook just one meal at a time. Here I am cooking the beef patties for Salisbury steak, boiling potatoes for another meal and browning the meat for the chili. 
 All the ingredients waiting for the browned beef to cool down. I stir it in and then put the cooker in the refrigerator until the morning.
She looks a little lonely doesn't she.

The chili mix only called for 1 can of kidney beans but I did add 2 cans to help stretch the meal a bit and it worked like a charm. Since I had to head to the grocery store, I went ahead a picked up a bag of Fritos to serve the chili over. I think it was a great hit!!!!

I do hope you will link up with one of your favorite Slow Cooking recipes. I think I'm starting to run out of mojo and could use a little help in the department of recipes for slow cookers, know what I mean!!!!!! Come back next week and you'll see what I was able to whip together as this week is going to be a clean out the pantry week!!!!!!

**Sorry but I'm having an issue logging on to LinkyTools, I'll try again tomorrow morning and get the link up working. Thanks for your patience!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I actually have a slow cooker recipie book by Gooseberry Patch but don't use it much, sorry. *smile* Have a great day and enjoy your slow cooker Sundays, they seem to be an enjoyement for you, keep going girl! Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!