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Hey there and welcome to another addition to Friday Photos. I'm so glad I have this weekly post to keep me accountable. Usually I do these throughout the week but I had an extra busy week and am scrambling a little this morning.So here are the stats for this photo file:

Name of folder: Misc
Reason: Well I have a mixture of photos from over the last 9 years.
Number of pictures: 290
Weekly goal: at least 50 photos cut from this folder and placed in correct picture folders.

This week I'm filing photos 1-49 and here are some highlights. Bare with me as I walk through memory lane!!!!

The Schultz Family. Dear homeschooling friends we meet while living on McT.

Wow, this was before we left for Okinawa in 2004 at A Day At The Farm I believe.

Big Daddy at The Butterfly Garden in Nago.

This was at Drop Slide Park outside of Kadena Air Base.

Big Daddy trying to scare the kids, lol

Wow, this was neighborhood friends from Camp Courtney.

JJ and LJ at the beach on the way to Camp Hansen.

That blanket was a blanket from my childhood!!!!

JoJo the clown at Tengan Castle, a favorite place for the boys and I when Matt was off The Rock.

Ha, Ha I love this picture!! This was our first apt when we got to The Rock. It was sooo tiny!

Waiting for Big Daddy to return. I don't even remember my nails being that long. They were fake of course, lol.

I can't remember the name of this restaurant but it was where you cooked your own food and if you had too much "leftovers" they charged you extra.

This is Traci and her crew, which has grown alot since this pic. We don't keep in touch but I did meet alot of people through her and her church.

See that drawing in the back, Matt and I had that made in Algodones, Mexico I think before we were married. Funny thing about it was I guess the man that sketched it was working on another man's block and they started yelling at each other. Thankfully we had our picture and got out of there, FAST!!!

This was in New Bern, NC before we moved to The Rock. I love how they are really looking into each others eyes.

I laugh cause JJ's expression conveys his pleas for help and LJ knows he has been busted for getting in the play pen, AGAIN but wondering why I am taking a picture instead of correcting him, too cute right!!

Well there you have it for this week. Who knows what will appear next week for Friday Photos. Seriously, there is no rhyme or reason for the cluster of photos that are in this file!!! Thanks for keeping me honest and I look forward to sharing with you next week!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I thought you would enjoy hearing this little thing from our day today... after getting out lunch at Subway we saw three soldiers in uniform behind us. One was a girl the other two were men...I had our children tell them,"thank you for serving our country". They looked so pleased and surprised to hear such words. It's funny, but maybe we should say that a bit more. *smile* We say it to our checker at Wal-Mart, to our three sandwich makers at Subway, so now and then we say it to them as well. *smile* Just thought that would bring a smile to your face today. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!