What to do with scrap paper? I know I know!!

Last week I hinted at what I would be sharing on Kiddos Create this week.
See my daughter, CJ, has become an artist in her own right.

Unfortunately for me, her media happen to be the walls of government housing. I believe in giving children boundaries and also consequences when they break those boundaries but in this case I never told her NOT to draw on the walls. Yeah a loop hole I'm still looking into. To,hopefully, prevent this from happening again I decide to create a boundary for her in the form of a drawing pad. So here is how we did it:
Took some of our scrap paper

and cut it to our preferred size, for us that was in half.

I stabilized the pad of paper with a bulldog clip so it would be easier for LJ to work with.

Next he put a line of glue across what will be the top of our drawing pad. You want this to be a bit thick but not so much it is dripping off all sides.

Moving right along, he smoothed out the glue,making sure it was evenly distributed.

Now we sandwiched the pad between wax paper

and put a heavy object on top of it until it dries. Anywhere from 4 hours to 24 hours depending on how thick you make your pad.

After the glue dries you will have a drawing pad that has tear away pages!!

I also decided to make a home for her new drawing pad and crayons which makes it so much easier to keep in her bag!!! Although I'm not sure what she likes more, the new "book" mommy made for her or the smiley face button I used to keep it closed, lol!!!

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Mama Jenn said...

What a SUPER CUTE idea!!! I didn't really know that you could make a pad of paper with regular old glue. Ooh, and the holder for the the pad of paper along with the crayons is SUPER CUTE too!!! Did you use a pattern for it?

Thanks for linking up!!!!