Lent and Cotton Balls

Last year I got a free resource off of Currclick, boy is that online store cool, for Lent. Unfortunately I never used it and one of the print offs was dated with 2009, what to do, what to do? Ah ha... make a Lent paper chain!!!!

Doesn't it look cute? Each day we take a link off and do the activity printed. This night we were making sheep as we were talking about Jesus being our Lamb of God. It was really simple, I took an egg cartoon and cut it into 3rds.. So each child got a section that had 4 "legs".

We started off with hot gluing a cotton ball into each section.

I helped the two little ones fill in the spots by putting the glue on the cartoon and letting them press down cotton balls.

But Batman was able to accomplish his sheep on his own with a bit of "parental supervision".

Once all the edges of the cartoon were covered with cotton balls, I let them stuff and pile the rest of the cotton balls to their hearts content!!

Make sure to check back in next week as I'll show you what we did to help keep our art work off the walls and onto paper!!!!!

This "master piece" was my daughter's artistic interpretation of an elephant. Guess that is why it had to span all the way onto the adjoining wall?!?!?!

I'm joining in the fun with Mama Jenn, wanna join us?

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Mama Jenn said...

Very cute! Love the lamb idea!! Hmmm, can't wait to see the remedy for keeping artwork on the paper and off the walls! :-)

Thanks for linking up!