All Clear

Its amazing that all is back to normal and it just seems like just another sunny day here in Okinawa. That is after the nerves calm down and fear of a tsunami subsided.

Yes, we live in Naha, Okinawa just 52 miles north of the epic center of the earthquake. I was even more surprised to learn that this earthquake was stronger than the one in Haiti and caused no damage, that I am aware of. Besides the buildings shifting back and forth, which from my understanding they are designed to "float" during earthquakes, and unsecured items falling and open doors swaying, that really was it. How thankful I am. Looking back it really wasn't that bad, its just in the moment it startles you and you aren't sure what is going on. The kids went right back to sleep and I turned on the T.V. to search for any Tsunami warnings. I guess one was issued but I missed it and it turns out it was only for a 3 foot wave.

It amazes me that all buildings are still standing!! Here is a hotel on a hill and nothing out of place!!!

Many of the apartment buildings in Naha are just like these, all safe and sound!!

Here is an idea of how close we are to the water. This is on the road that leads to the base we live on. We actually get alot closer to the water but it started to rain by the time I got home so I couldn't take a picture.

The sky doesn't look very promising for a quiet night. I hear there is another storm brewing on the sea. Yawn, guess I'll go to sleep before the storm hits, its been a long day!!!


Dusti said...

normal is good. :)
glad that you and family were not impacted by tsunami's.
on a side note. we live on an island too. in washington.

Brandon and Jennifer Bruce said...

I randomly found your blog through clicking "next blog" and I love the title for your blog. Keep learning and growing!