Week 9 in Review

I'm not sure if we had a very busy week because Big Daddy is gone or if it just feels that way since I'm doing it all by myself?! Hope you enjoy this installment of Week in Review.

Our weekend started off with a 7.0 earthquake and I think we woke up about 14 seconds into this sucker!!!

Then we spent most of our day at church as both boys participated in AWANA games.

(I was not successful at finding the right settings for my camera in our sanctuary so the pictures are a bit blurry or dark; sorry bout that.)

JJ waiting for his games to start

LJ having lots of fun once it was time for TNTers to do their thing

CJ proving she has what it takes to play as well

On Sunday we came home to a Tsunami Warning and since we live on the 2nd floor of our towers we were forced to seek higher grounds, but we weren't the only ones.

Here LJ and JJ are waiting to fend off the "salami" as JJ kept calling it

Some of the Japanese ships out to sea in anticipation of the tsunami

This was about a 10th of the population stuck at the base theater for about 2 and 1/2 hours, yeah lots of fun!!

CJ trying to get a nap

With the threat of a tsunami over, they finally let us go home

Monday we at at our favorite restaurant after story time.

Tuesday we started Cera with her very own lessons from Itty-Bitty Bookworm and it has been a hit not only with her but also her brothers!!!!!

Here CJ is working with her caterpillar.I just let her count up to 15 but didn't worry about her having the numbers in the right order; it was all about fun on the first day!!

She was working so hard at coloring in her A book, I was amazed at her attention to detail!

JJ joined in the fun with matching the hidden egg halves

and once he made a match he stored it in our phonics egg carton. After all the eggs were found, he had to tell me the sound of the letter revealed after he took an egg out of the carton. We had lots of fun with this and he didn't even realize he was doing a review!!

LJ decided he wanted to read the book of the week to his sister. Of course I was more than happy to oblige and then ran to get my camera and capture the moment.

Today we will be taking a field trip to Hansen. I can't wait to share the pictures with you next week. Whew I'm tired just typing up this post!!!!

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