Worship With Me Sunday: Mary, Did You Know

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! God has really laid upon my heart the depth of His blessings through my precious children. This year I am going to strive to see the importance of my job as mother to them. To wring out of each day every moment that I can to spend with them. Sometimes I wonder who really is the teacher, myself or them. Each child has given and shown me so much that I know I would not be the same woman had God not used them to stretch and mold me. My first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage. Somehow because I did not carry to full term or have to have a DNC so many people thought it was all apart of "nature". I don't think God creates life just to discard it so easily. This baby taught me how precious life is. My first born son LJ has taught me mercy through his willingness to forgive and be so patient. He is the one we have made so many mistakes through and God has shown that he can make something beautiful out of our messes. My second son JJ has taught me accountability and how not to judge a book by it's cover. He is very rough on the outside but has such a tender heart that he tries so hard to protect. And CJ my third born and only girl. Wow she really threw us for a loop when she joined our family. What tenderness and humor she has brought to this family. I look forward to watching her bloom and sharing so much with her about becoming a woman after God's heart. I feel greatly blessed that I know everyday of the year how much my family loves me and appreciates all the things I do and are so forgiving for all the things I don't always do. This year I got my Mother's Day presents early from the boys and guess what they were!!! LJ got me a hula hoop and JJ got me an Indian Jones action figure, both were things they wanted to do with me. Is that neat or what!!!! And so I would like to give you a Mother's Day present too, a poem I found on the www. Happy Mother's Day 2009!!!

Come Play With Me!
Passing through her kitchen,
I saw dishes waiting there. . .
A basket full of laundry
Beside a rocking chair.
Her house was clean, but much undone-
I wondered, "Where is she
That order is not all about
As time approaches three?"
And then I heard her voice so young,
The house at once was gay. . .
And I saw her children gathered close
To where she knelt in play.

She jumped upon her feet in haste,
And came to welcome me-
And for the lack of order
Gave this thoughtful repartee.

"It seems that work will always wait,
While time is never still. . .
I like to, while my children's here,
Drink of them my fill.
I know in years ahead they'll think
Not of my work all done,
But how they loved their days at home
And shared with me their fun.
And when their paths lie far from mine
And life can ordered be.
The memories of the joys we knew
Will be a song for me.

The song fills a mother's heart
At end of every day. . .
Who never could refuse the plea
To "come with me and play".

Harriet Elmblad

Strong, Biblical self-esteem
Help my children develop a strong self-esteem that is rooted in the realization that they are "God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus." Eph. 2:10

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Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of my most special cyber mommy friends! Enjoy!! xoxo