Spotlight Saturday: Julie Morrison

May 9, 2009

Hey friends. I'm posting this one a bit earlier today as my friend Julie really needs prayer over the next 24hours. I've spotlighted her before, and things have taken a turn for the worst. Please pass this on to all you know who will pray for my friend Julie. Thanks!!!!

May 8-
Call to prayer! Hey guys, Julie has asked for a 24 hour prayer vigil. This morning the doctor said the radiation so far has not relieved the issues the tumor is causing. In addition to affecting her right lung and breathing, it appears to be pressing against an artery near the hear and that is cause yet another set of problems. Julie, her doctor, and I feel the radiation will be affective and the tumor will begin to shrink. However, he came back in about 5 minutes after he left this morning and said he needed to talk to us about placing her on a respirator if needed. We were not prepared for the question or able to make a decision this morning. The doctor said the next few days are critical in whether or not she gets better or worse. Of course, worse is not an option we want to discuss.

How to pray:
1. Pray the radiation is affective and the tumor begins to shrink.
2. Pray Julie's right lung opens back up and she begins to breath using both lungs.
3. Pray for our decision concerning the respirator.
4. Pray that if she does take a turn for the worst, Nick is able to get here.
5. Nick has his final test on Monday. Pray he is able to pass the test. If he passes the test Monday, he will arrive in Oklahoma City on Tuesday a little after noon.
6. I desperately need to see God's hand in this. Pray that God will reveal himself to me in a way that I need at this time.
Expecting God to do Great Things!

May 7-
It's Thursday night and I'm at the hospital with Julie. We were hoping she'd be able to go home today, but that is not the case. It has been a pretty tough day for her. A couple of days ago, Julie's arms began to swell They did an ultrasound and they think the radiation may be affecting an artery near her heart. They have mentioned putting in a stint, but we don't know what they are going to do or if that is the problem.

Julie has not slept much in the last week and I know she is exhausted. I pray that she is able to rest tonight. The doctor prescribed something that should help her sleep.....

Well, I will close for now. Please continue to pray! I'm so concerned because I have not seen much improvement since she's been in the hospital. In fact, I feel things may be worse. Julie is the love of my life and I am a fixer...but, I don't seem to be able to fix this. Please keep us in your prayers.
In Christ's Hands,

May 5-
Today started off great, Julie's doctor shared that the cat scan shows the cancer has decreased since the last scan from a couple months ago. So, we decided that no matter what the news was concerning the biopsy, the news we received from the doctor was positive and we give God the glory!

Around 9 AM this morning, they took Julie down for the biopsy. Julie said the doctor was really rough. It was not an infection, it was a tumor. Again, we are still focusing on the positive news that the cancer appears to have decreased in most of the areas (liver, kidney, lungs, etc). We knew she had cancer in her lungs (especially her right lung), so I don't think this is something new, rather something that is just causing her trouble breathing.

Around 2 PM they took her in for her first round of radiation. They are planning 5 rounds of radiation and felt that she should start to see some improvement in her breathing after the first round. So far, we have not seen any changes. I am praying that tomorrow is a great day for Julie and her strength and breathing show great improvement.

Please continue to pray for Julie.
In Christ,

Father, grant that my children may "show proper respect to everyone," as Your Word commands. 1 Pet. 2:17

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