Worship With Me Sunday: What Is Love

April 26, 2009

We had a wonderful service today. It was an East to West worship. Amazing. But one thing I thought was during the entire time I watched as several people fell asleep or carried on personal conversations as the choir sang. And then at the end everyone gave the choir a standing ovation, including myself but then I thought we were standing at the wrong time. We should have been standing, rejoicing with, praising God and yet here we were praising the choir. NOT that they didn't deserve a job well done but I just wondered why we are so hesitant to worship God in the manner he deserves. If we truly believe his is Lord of Lords and King of Kings, why do we treat worship so casually? Why will we belt out the latest tune but yet on Sunday's become so reserved in our adoration for the Lord?

Father, let us remember that You are love. It's not what you do but who You are. Let us bow on our knees, humbling our self before You. Submitting all things to You that we may place You first in our lives and rightfully worship You. Let us not just claim that You are God but live our lives in a manner that reflects You are our only God. May we come together as the Body of Christ and lift up Your holy name!! In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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Anonymous said...

This was perfect for me to read today...meant so much! And yes, you are so right! Thanks, B!