Spotlight Saturday:Jaxson

April 25, 2009

jaxson's fight

"Jaxson was born on Nov.20 2005 with Trisomy 21. He has spent half of his short life in the hospital. He has heart defects,pulmonary hypertension,severe reflux,sleep apnea, and a hypoxic brain injury that resulted in severe siezures."

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Father, how blessed we are that you have provided so much for Jaxson already. We ask that you help the doctors that continue to care for Jaxson have the knowledge to correctly diagnose and treat Jaxson. Give his family strength and support as they continue to care for and love on Jaxson. And above all help us to always focus on You through our trials and as our faith is tested may we continue to grow closer to You. In Jesus Name we pray, Amen

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Alicia said...


Praise the Lord for God giving the doctors wisdom for all these years!