Not over it yet......

It is hard to believe that a family could stay sick this long!!!!! But I guess with a family of 5 it is possible cause that's where I have been. If I haven't been taking care of the kids, I've been hanging in there myself.  Unfortunately, housework doesn't take sick days and school lessons still have to be taught along with all the other things that people still expect you to do. So that is where I have been. Still not back to 100% but at least we are all finally in operational mode. I've got some awesome friends, wonderful children who helped out on those days mom couldn't get out of bed and a wonderful husband who helped out with dinners and keeping the house from falling apart. I look forward to being back in the blog land soon but how soon, well that is up to our immune systems. I don't think I have ever looked forward to summer as much as I am right now!!!!

(Oh yeah, I forgot that we even fit in a surgery during this time as well for little CJ! Seriously its been a crazy couple of months and I will not complain about having nothing to do for a long, long time!!!!!!

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