A Motto for a Motto

At some point between Christmas and New Year I dubbed 2012: A Year Like No Other.

2012 was to be a year where I challenged myself to go beyond what I have been doing in my relationship with God, my family and friends. A Year Like No Other was to be a year of stretching beyond what I thought I could do and walking into the will of God for my life.

So I started small, reading the bible with my children each morning. This hasn't been done perfectly. I think we have skipped 3 days so far and I have been known to heat up hot chocolate after bed time baths and pull out our Children's Bible to read that day's section.

And as I have ponder the mild success of changing directions in a new year, it hit me:

Practice Not Perfection!

Every time I have tried to change something in my life, I've started off strong and gone into it with all my gusto, and within a couple of weeks I land on my face. Exhausted and deflated. Then God, ever so gently, whispered in my ear: "Practice Not Perfection is what I want from you."

And of course I answer God in my self-centered way by thinking of all the things I can practice to make myself a better wife or mother or friend. Simple silly things like making my bed, creating a meal plan, exercising, actually doing lessons on their assigned day, doing my hair everyday...... and although those are things that need to be done, some how I don't think that is what He is looking for.......... Do you? 

God has been asking me, specifically, to practice being me. Sounds simple but we really make it difficult...... turning others expectations into what we must do or dimming our light because of perceived expectations. But I think that as we start to relinquish control of our lives into the hands of God and stand before Him with a "Here I am, what will YOU do with me" attitude..... mountains are moved. I have been dwelling on "me" this past month. Not in an effort for self-improvement.... rather I have asked God to help me see what He sees. Taking a step into being genuine with myself so that I can be honest with Him.

Honestly is a slow moving train..... hard to even get out of the station. But once moving, I've noticed that it seems to carry passengers that are so helpful for this journey:
Forgiveness: Learning to let go of all my own expectations and being okay with not getting it all done
Grace: Once you start learning to just be you, you are able to enjoy others and their faults so much more
Acceptance: Living each day as it comes elevates so much needless stress
Joy: In what the day brings, perfect or not a happy heart springs forward

And how about you, my friend? Is God calling you to do something different this month? Would you consider linking up with me and sharing your journey? I would love to add you to my list of passengers on this journey from salvation to sanctification!!! You can join by linking up every 3rd Saturday of the month with a post about how God is growing you or leaving a comment below.. It can be something small and simple or huge and monumental. It's up to you! Either way, I do hope you will join this journey with me!

to be continued...just as life does

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