3 Weeks till Christmas ?!?!

Seriously?! Is it really that close. Yes my friends it is. I did not make my deadline for Christmas cards but thankfully I still have plenty of time!!!!! When I was pulling out Christmas decorations I realized I bought Christmas cards on sale, last year,  for 25 cents a box!!! So I splurged and bought some glitter pens and am sprucing up the cards just a bit.

I only have 5 more boxes to go!!!!

If you still need an Advent count down, head on over to MorningStar Academy for a simple chain to print off to start your count down tonight!!!

The kids and I worked on what was suppose to be our Advent Christmas Tree but I just didn't have enough time or resources to finish it, so it will have to wait till next year. We did have fun putting it together though!!

CJ got bored with spray painting the match boxes and moved onto the newspaper.

LJ working on his graffiti!

And I managed to get Freezer meal # 3 done. Yeah!!!!

And for this week we will be working on

  • Handmade gifts
  • Finishing up Christmas Cards and addressing them
  • Freezer meal #4
  • Buy pantry items for Baking Day
So I guess I will see you same time and same blog next week!!!!!

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BeingBrook said...

I have bought the cards on clearance and forgot about them before too! Cute little spruce up. I've started just doing the photocards because they are so much less work and I don't feel like I have to write in them. Maybe when Miss E is a little older friends will get actual writing again!