1 Week till Christmas

Coloring gift tags for The Legend of the Candy Cane

Even as I write this it just doesn't seem like we only have 10 days till Christmas. But it is true. As you can tell, on the right,  I haven't gotten everything done yet. Christmas Cards still need to be addressed, handmade gifts aren't sewn for my kids yet but I do have all my ingredients for Christmas dinner bought and with a bit of an adjustment my make and takes are almost done.I am almost set to finish up this year by relaxing a bit and penning some goals I have for next year such as:

After all this blog really is about my path to sanctification and I must confess I have gotten distracted by the to do list. I look forward to slowing down and just being instead of  doing. You can't experience God in the future and the past is over but in this very moment, right here and now is where we experience God. I have no idea how that is going to look but I would love your encouragement and company as I walk this path in the New Year!!!!

And so it is with great anticipation of what God is going to reveal as I just rest in His presence. Giving up on trying to fix myself and letting Him work out His transformation in me that I finish up this 12 weeks till Christmas journey. As you finish up this last week, think about ways you can turn your focus away from earthly treasures and more to heavenly treasures. Taking the Less is More approach and being present in the right here and right now!!!! Which is actually one of the items on our to do list this final week:

  • Schedule your bake day
  • Prepare Freezer Meal 5
  • Schedule your Delivery Day
  • Write down Reflection Goals for 2012
Be blessed this week and may God's peace, which surpasses all understanding, fill up your cup this week. And if it doesn't may you be moved to ponder why not!!!! 

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