Happy Thanksgiving and 4 Weeks till Christmas

Our big turkey day is here!!! Hopefully you all have your aprons on and are ready to cook and welcome family and friends to your dinner table and give thanks for all the wonderful and even not so wonderful things that have happened this year. Hopefully this weekend will find you with some time on your hands to enjoy family, catch up on any preperation you haven't gotten to yet or allow you some time to start working on your advent devotions. And with that in mind here are some that caught my attention this year:

paper bag garland
Quilted count down
Advent mittens
Count down Calendar
Advent galore!!!

The blogshere is such a big place, if you have seen or have a cool idea I would love for you to leave a comment with the link! As we head into 5 weeks before Christmas, take it easy and enjoy family BUT if you are a busy bee there is a running to do list over in the right hand corner to keep you busy!!

Be thankful!!!  Be blessed!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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