Sew Much To Do: Week 5

Some dreams are worth the fuss of their reality. That was the case today!!!! I had the hardest time making bias tape to coordinate with a dress I am making. So much so that I didn't fully complete the bias tape but thankfully this will still work as the pattern requires you to open up the single bias tape half way. My troubles started right from the beginning!!!! (Note to self, when making 1/2 in bias tape, cut 1 1/4 inches wide)

It took me a couple of times to remember how to join the fabric. (this way wasn't working for me)

This way worked much better however, there had to be a H-O-W-E-V-E-R!!!!!

When I switched the way I was sewing the fabric together, I flipped the fabric already sew together, so I had to cut my bias tape in half..... sigh

Can you see the seam up on the left and the seam down on the right.

I thought it would be smooth sailing at this point because of my handy dandy bias folder

B-U-T noooooo, this is where I remembered that I needed to cut my strips into 1 1/4 inches instead of 1 inch

But all in all, after taking a breather, reading the instructions and just ironing one side down, mission accomplished. I'm hoping this will be enough but if not I have fabric sewn together waiting to be used!!!!

Any suggestions on making bias tape. I really think my issue was the type of fabric I chose. But I am all ears to any tips you use!!! And don't forget to share what sewing project you are working on!!!!!!

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