Sew Much To Do: Week 3

Last week I gave you a sneak peek at a T-shirt dress I made for CJ. And here she is showing it off on the float.
I used a Parksbird Pattern for the circular skirt and added the pink bow to match her sleeves...

Speaking of sleeves, I got the idea from Whitney Sews tutorial!!!!

This is my favorite pick from the parade, her natural smile and those puffy clouds!!!

So on to the next project I literally just finished. I was determined to get these done and I did! A bit late but all worth it now that they are done!!!! I had been wanting to do something with these very boring curtains for a long long time. The length was wrong and I didn't like how thin they were since they hung in our bathroom.

And then I got my inspiration from Busy Lizzy's Shirred Baby Dress!!!! But would it work?!? I started with 3 rows but found that I would need to add two more on the ends of each panel. I just eyed this part and went from the top of the curtain to the bottom on my longest stitch. I did NOT back-stitch and made sure to leave a long tail to work with.

This is the three rows in the middle before I added the other two rows.

Next I very gently, gathered the fabric from the bottom to the middle of the curtain. Go slow!!!

Then I work my way to the middle from the top of the curtains. (When I do this again I will tie off the tops before I gather.)

Next I checked my length. This is where I realized I needed to add the extra rows on the ends of each panel as well as the top ruffle.

Once I got each panel where I wanted it, I tied off the tops and bottoms of each row by pulling the top thread through to the back side of the fabric and triple knotting it.

Not the greatest picture but I think you get the idea. I reworked the ruffles for a better picture and of course my battery died. I love how the curtain looks totally different and creates more privacy because it isn't so thin anymore!!!!!

And did you know that September is National Sewing Month
So get out those sewing machines and get to work. 


Whitney Sews said...

Awesome job on the dress! It looks super cute :) Also great idea on the curtain! Looks really cool.

BeingBrook said...

Great job! I love anything with ruffles! Love the dress!