Sew Much To Do: Week 2

Back in June, CJ participated in the Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival Pageant with one of her little dance friends.

The pageant had 3 outfit changes, one of them being casual wear. Here is how the outfit began:

Just a simple white T-shirt that I embellished with a C that I blinged out. But I wanted to do a bit more so then I added puffy sleeves.....

You can see the sleeves here and her adorable Cary Hairbows to match!!!!! 

Unfortunately,  we had to evacuate our home on Friday because of Hurricane Irene. I do not have access to the pictures of what the entire outfit looked like on pageant day. Once I am back home I will post pictures of pageant day AND the alterations I made for her parade outfit. Since CJ was 1st Runner Up she got to be on the Queens float as apart of the royal court. She had lots of fun and looked totally adorable!!!!  Thanks for your patience and I look forward to seeing what has had your bobbin spinning!!!! 

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