Little Things

are impacting our hearts greatly around the house. And because I don't want to forget where the transformation in our home took place, I'm going to write them down to share with you and for keepsake for future generations. They say history repeats itself and I want our history to be His-Story!!!!

The first change was very subtle and caught me off guard. It simply began with my wonderful husband opening his bible each night after dinner and reading a verse or two from the same chapter of Proverbs that went with that days date.

Within 3 days of doing this, I honestly didn't think it would last, God opened the eyes of our family and we saw how we were talking to each other was just plain awful. The children were bickering and screaming at each other. They were arguing with us and being boldly disrespectful. How we got to this point, we are not sure. By all means it wasn't planned or intentional and maybe that right there was the issue. There was no intent in how we spoke to each other. So for the last two weeks or so we have been working very hard on speaking to each other with lots of grace, patience and forgiveness.

The last little thing we started to do is hold hands when we bless our food. Such a small act of fellowship is reaping huge benefits in uniting our family.

And as God is opening the eyes to what else we can do to improve our family, I will continue to write them down so that when my children as why do we do this, they will know the importance of the little things!!!

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