The Sock

I don't mind washing and drying clothes but folding and putting them away is my stumbling block, until today!!!!

As I turned my children's socks right side out, two thoughts popped into my head:

  1. IF they were right side out to begin with they would be alot cleaner
  2. What IF I prayed for the little feet that will be walking in these. Specifially pray that their feet stay on the straight and narrow path, that they are not entangled by the sins that are so easily claiming the freedom Christ has given each of our children. This is my mission field, this is my call of duty.
Simply to pray now for the future of my children. Will you join me!!!!! What other moments have you come across and God has given you a battle plan of prayer that you can say over your family? Let us join together, in one accord and lift up our families to the Great Almighty. After all we CAN reclaim America as a nation after God's Own Heart, one family at a time, one prayer at a time, one mom at a time. Let us not grow weary in the task He has set before us!!!!

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Alicia said...

AMen, my friend!