a thief in our garden...

Way back in March, and a bit too early, we decided to plant some gardens!!!!
Since then we have harvested lettuce...
watched our zucchini grow.... ( I think that is what that is??)
grown marigolds and stalks of corn....
harvested zucchini a little too soon..... 
watched cantaloupe grow
and tomatoes grow
been stung by a bee while trying to pick strawberries....
and watched our sunflowers get really really huge!!!!
Hands down I think sunflowers are the prettiest flower!!! How beautiful against the morning Carolina sky!!

But there is a thief among our bliss who's not afraid of our scarecrow
 And if I didn't know better...... (that's a tomato it left behind)
 I'd say, its taunting us!!!!! (It "left" another tomato on top of our baseball pole) 

let's just say this is far from over!!!!! 

1 comment:

alana said...

Wow ... your garden looks amazing. I've never had a green thumb so it's always cool to observe people who do..
AND go get em!!