Lest they forget...

Are you wondering why I am so willing to share my journey, the good and the ugly of it all, with you?

Will it be worth it?

Can I become vulnerable to my readers to myself?

What can I possibly gain in rehashing the past?

I don't have stories of old to pass down or to learn from and I want that for my children. I want my children to know their heritage both bad and good, to have a story to tell and M-O-S-T importantly I want to pass on the story of my miry clay and how God picked me up from my ashes and made me beautiful again!!! I want to show them that, by God's grace, their father and I built the foundations of our family upon His Son, Jesus Christ our Corner Stone in obedience to God's perfect and unfailing will.

I share so that none of His glorious works will be forgotten!

It would be accurate to say that my spiral downwards began on what most would consider a joyous occasion. Excitement was stirring in the air as everyone got into their proper place for the procession. We had been warned that any shenanigans would delay us in receiving our diplomas. Truth be told, I didn't really want to walk the stage but it was the quickest way to my diploma and it was my ticket to the rest of my life. What that was, I wasn't exactly sure but I knew it didn't include 98% of the people around me and it still didn't include the one person I really wanted  needed to be there.......

To be continued - just as life does

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