Growing up I was unaware of the lack of my heritage. I never knew my father and due to my mother's career we moved every couple of years, so my roots were never deep. My awareness of this missing part in my life didn't surface until around middle school age. I'm not sure if it was my interest in boys peeking or seeing fathers escort their daughters onto the homecoming field that stirred my heart. But wondering why my father wasn't involved in my life began to haunt my daily thoughts. I do remember a specific statement that turned everything I ever knew upside down and inside out. I can't recall where I heard it or who said it but the words are just as vivid today as I recall them as they were when they spot lighted a part of my life that hadn't been mentioned much. Thinking now it it must have been a movie line that went like this: " You'll marry a man just like your father." I remember the tightness in my chest as all future dreams just crashed around me as my little heart replied in silence: "I don't have a father, so does that mean I don't get to get married?"

Yes, this is where my journey to sanctification began and where I would like to begin it with you as well..........

To be continued - just as life does

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Anonymous said...

Odd thing, I remember the same haunting line passing through my mind time and time again. Though I heard stories of my "father" (momma's first husband) several times of his love for me, which I never did see even when I persued a relationship with him in his new life.

My life now, as a child of God, wife to the most devoted man I have EVER known, and mommy is completely different than I ever thought and much more than I ever dreamed. I used to dream of being a mommy but there was never a face to the father of my blessings. I am richly blessed to have a man who is more deovted to God and his truths than I have seen in my life. I am also blessed to know my Father personally from a young age (around the age of 10 or 12...elementary school age - I was a chum in AWANAS *smile*) and learning what true love looks like is a day to day learning adventure that truly does "come softly" as Jannet Oke puts it. *smile* Enjoy the journey knowing I am in a canue beside you rowing upstream too. *smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!