Happy Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day we don't get our children any sweets or books or gifts. Instead we try to take the opportunity to share with others God's love through Christ. We also like to love on our Sunday School teachers and AWANA leaders!!! So this year, with alot of help from a wonderful lady and treasured friend Doris; we are making chocolate bouquets!!!!
 Here is your supply list per rose:
-wrapping paper in green and color of flower
-two Hershey kisses
- two Andies mint 
- 1 skewer
- floral tape

First you need to cut up wrapping or shrink wrap paper into squares, I think these were 4inches.

Next, fold the square into a rectangle, top to bottom or bottom to top.

Now fold the rectangle side to side to form a square.

Pinch together 3sides separating from the 4th side to create a pocket. Drop in 1 Hershey kiss tip down.

Gently stick skewer into second Hershey kiss like this....

And place on top of Hershey kiss inside the wrapping paper, just like this.

Now I personally think this is the hardest part of the whole thing and I am still perfecting my technique!!!. But what you will do now is wrap up the Hershey kisses completely, just like this. Doris makes it look so simple!!

If you have ever worked with floral tape, I had not, you will already know this but for those who have not there is a bit of a trick to wrapping your skewer securely. As Doris had to tell me over and over, I am a slow learner, you need to stretch the floral tape so that it becomes sticky. Once you get the bottom of your flower secured, stretch and twist about two times, just like she did here.

Now we move onto the leaves and I have no idea the length of these rectangles but when you cut them make sure that you have enough to fold the wrapping paper in half over the Andies mint with about a 3/4 inch tail. Hang in there with me and it will make more sense, PROMISE!!!!

See, you fold the paper in half and sandwich it around the mint, piece of cake right!!!

Now you are going to wrap the mint. first you fold down one side just like a present...

And then bring it to the middle of the top of the mint and do the same thing on the other side.

We are almost done!!! now you are going to twist the excess into a tail....

 And using the same stretch and twist method attach the leaves to each side of the rose, making sure that the folded sides of the leaves are facing upward and then you are done with your chocolate rose!!!

I have to give Doris a big THANK YOU. I could not have gotten all these roses done without her help, seriously!!! Just look at how many roses she got done in the same time it took me to wrap the purple ones!!! 

holy experience

Seriously, everyone should have an amazing friend like Doris!!!!! She is the queen of hospitality, deeply rooted in her relationship with God, has a very loving family and every time I visit with her I always leave her house with a full stomach and so refreshed!!!! So I thought it would be very fitting to start my list of 1000 gifts with my thankfulness of having her in my life as a friend, mentor and sister in Christ. She truly is a blessing to my entire family and I thank God for her friendship!!!!

  1. Friendships authored by God
  2. Friends who love the Lord so deeply that their cup overflows into my life, I am refreshed by you!!!!


Alicia said...

Wow! That is so cute. I've never seen anything like that before!!

And your friend sounds so sweet! I love having friendships that are built on the Lord!!

Mommy Of Two Little Blessings said...

That is VERY cute. Thanks for sharing it tutorial style. Clearly, it's me who has been MIA. Sorry for the statement at the end of my last comment in your previous post. *silly me!* Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!