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Alright, here is the deal, my photos on my laptop are out of control!! I have no idea where my pictures are and it is driving me crazy. I am determined to get this chaos under control one file folder at a time. You can check in each Friday to see some of the I discovered. This week I'm working on a folder named Oki Life. It contains 156 photos that were taken while we lived in Okinawa, Japan or as I so affectionately called it, The Rock. Here are some of the highlights from photos 1-99!!

Here is the truck LJ built for his first Drive In at TNT. The cool story about this is that he shared his truck with another TNTer who wasn't able to make one for that night. LJ I hope you never lose your sensitivity to those in need!!!
This was taken the morning of JJ's 4th birthday. I love how he still looks so sleepy.

In this picture I like how LJ still hasn't lost that little boyishness in his face.

CJ being silly, she gets it from her dad!!

Me with short hair and braces.
I LOVE this pic of LJ!!!

 I like the natural smile on Big Daddy's face and the surprise on the little boy's face, ha ha.

I'm wondering if JJ has ever seen a performance by kiss.
LJ you are sooo busted.
Look at those baby blues!!! 
These are the Porter boys, great friends and our dear neighbors when we lived on Camp Kinser!

 JJ would have worn this everyday if I would have let him....

 and LJ as well!!!!

 Mail me back to the States!!!!
 I love this picture! Notice the gum in her mouth and the drool on her neck!!!

 "No Mommy I didn't eat any cookies"

 JJ's birthday cake for his 4th b-day.

 "Do I have to share?!"
 Big Daddy helping me serve the b-day crew!!

Yep, that is the smile that won over my heart!

He really liked his b-day cake.
Attitude!!! Eyes just like his mama had when she was young, lol.
Eating at Kitakaisen in Okinawa

I think it is cute how Big Daddy and LJ are standing the same way!
LJ making his public profession of faith in the East China Sea.
Our hearts are so full of joy and he was cold, lol.

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Anonymous said...

These are all GREAT! I must confess that my all time favorite is the last two. He made such a big statement of faith in fallowing Christ in the act of being baptized. Way to go Mom & Dad for teaching him about the love of our Savior. Keep up the good work! By the way, I have notice that you have been MIA. Glad you are feeling at least a little better around your home. *smile* Take care and thanks again for sharing such wonderful pictures. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!