What's Up Wednesday

Yep, that is all my laundry waiting to be folded....sigh. I was sick over the weekend so things have become backed up all over the house. It's weeks like this that I am so thankful that we have a 2 story house, lol.

And I am loving the signs of fall all over the place. We ventured out to the commissary on Monday and they had all these pumpkins on the sidewalk so of course we had to get a couple. The kids were begging to carve them but that is a daddy activity SOOO I let them get out the Sharpies and go to town. Oh and am I the only one who thinks it's totally ridiculous that there are CHRISTMAS decorations out already?!?! But then again who am I to talk with my 12 Weeks to Christmas planning going on here, ha ha.

Which is slowing rolling along. I've almost got my Master Christmas List completely filled out, just waiting on some updated mailing addresses!! I penned down some ideas for homemade gifts this year:
  • family name pillow throws
  • coasters
  • bottle top magnet photo frames
  • 2011 photo calendar
  • fleece hat, glove, & scarf sets
About the only theme I've come up with for decorations this year is homemade. I've add a slot of time into our daily routine called Family Projects. This week we are using it to help get the house back in order but starting next week we are going to start making decorations for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

I'm not really good at making cookies but fudge is right up my alley so I think I'll be making fudge galore this year. Here is my most loved fudge recipe:

Layered Fudge
2 tsp plus 1 1/2 cup butter
6 cups sugar
10 oz evaporated milk
2 jars 7 oz marshmallow cream
12 oz semisweet chocolate chips
2 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup peanut butter
1. Grease foil 9X13 pan with 2tsp of butter, set aside.
2. In large sauce pan combine sugar, milk, and 3/4 butter. Stirring constantly,to prevent scorching, bring to a rolling boil and boil for 4 minutes over medium heat. Remove from heat and set aside.

3. Dump each jar of marshmallow creme into two heat resistant bowls. Add chocolate chips and 1 tsp of vanilla to one bowl and peanut butter and 1 tsp of vanilla to remaining bowl.
4. Pour half of sugar mixture into chocolate chip bowl and stir until smooth, then pour into 9x13 pan. Stir remaining sugar mixture into peanut butter bowl until smooth and carefully pour over chocolate layer in pan. Refrigerate until firm, cut and enjoy. 

So let's see I've covered homemade and baking ideas, our decorating ideas and theme. That leaves focus. This year we are going to concentrate on giving. We are seeking out families that could use extra money or food. When we eat out I double the tip. We are keeping an eye out for ministries that are already set in place to bless those in need.  We just discovered Angel Food Ministries and are looking into ways to bless a family or two with a Thanksgiving dinner. We sponsor a child through Compassion and I am looking at ways the children can help earn money for her Christmas donation and then also a family donation for the new year. These are just a few ways we are going to make a difference in our area of influence and you can make a difference too. Here are a couple of my favorite organizations:
So as we say good bye to week number 11 and dive into week number 10 what will I be doing? Working on shopping and supply lists. Oh now this is right up my alley, not much creativity needed and my brain can use a break.

Before I go, could I ask for YOUR help? There are so many wonderful ministries out there that I can't possibly list them all. At some point this week would you write a post on your blog highlighting your favorite charity/ministry. Come back next week and link up to a special edition of What's Up Wednesday. I will at random pick a charity/ministry you linked up and donate $25!!!!!! But wait, there is more!!!! If you blog about this link up, come back here and comment with a link to that post, I'll put you in a drawing for 50 Christmas return address labels made by none other than, me!!!!!! What do you say?? You game!!!!!

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