Menu Planning: What a Blessing

So last weekend I took the time, sat down and menu planned for the rest of the month. I had been delegating this responsibility to Cooking During Stolen Moments but seeing that she had her baby in the middle of finishing up menu plans, that left me sole. Honestly I can't think of a better reason than her precious new born baby to get my butt in gear!!!! I loved getting her menu planners in my inbox. I had a grocery list, recipes and menu plan all in one place. So I took what I loved about her way of doing things and modified it to fit my style and I must say, it worked like a charm!!!!  Never did I realize how much of a blessing menu planning would be until last Thursday when I started to get sick. If you haven't tried menu planning have a go at it. Been doing menu planning for awhile; share some tried and tested recipes, advice on grocery shopping and even what hasn't worked for you in menu planning!!!

I thought for this week it would be fun to share what I planned and what we really ate!!!

Sandwiches & chips
Mexican Pizza & Skillet corn
Big Daddy took us out to eat

Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Homemade Beefaroni
Chili & Salad
Fixed Meatballs instead with a side no one ate

Eggs & toast
Mac n cheese chicken nuggets
Eat at church for youth fundraiser

packed lunch
Deep Dish Pizza
Leftover Meatballs in Swedish White Gravy with home cooked pinto beans and squash saute'
*got told this was the best meal I had fixed in a long time, yeah!!!

Toast and cereal
open=Spagetti O's and Raviloi
Spaghetti Carbonara & broccoli
Big Daddy got Chinese take out for him and the kids

Monkey Bread & Sausage
left over waffles and bacon
Chili Frito Pie
Big Daddy took kids fishing and they ate at Hardees
Mexican Corn Chowder
Chili from Thursday and Frito's from what should have been fixed at lunch

We should have started a new week in menu planning but since I haven't been grocery shopping or cooking I have a couple of meals to still fix so on Sunday we had Monkey Bread for breakfast. I made chicken'n dumplins from the chicken that I was going to use for Mexican Corn Chowder. I have some extra pintos left over and will cook up some kidney beans and surprise Big Daddy with his favorite Mexican Beef and Bean Casserole for dinner after AWANA. I'm also going to make some homemade cornbread to round out dinner. I got a pizza from Wal-mart.

You can check out other bloggers who menu plan, probably with more success than myself over at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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