Week 2: Not Back-to-School Blog Hop

Not Back to School Blog Hop

So this week on Heart of the Matter, the Not Back to School blog Hop continues and we venture into the "School Room". I think my saliva glands are working over time as was just drooling at what Mama Jenn has done with her space!!! I had to check out TheJoyfulChaos and loved the paper tip she shared as well as her very organized room. I spotted a table/desk over at Raising Olives that I'm going to beg Big Daddy to make for me!!! I so wish I was as put together as Sergeant Major Mom is but I guess I need to get all my household goods for that to happen.

See we are a Marine Corps family and just got back to the States after spending almost 6 years in Japan. We are all sleeping on air mattresses, wearing wrinkled clothes since we are still living out of suit cases and laundry baskets.I wont buy any coat hangers or an iron since I know we have those things coming and it still echoes when you talk in our home. I had decided not to post this week since I don't have any photos to show but early this morning God spoke a word of encouragement into my heart and I would like to share it with you!!!

God reminded me this morning that my "school" room isn't made up of neatly organized books, desks all lined up in a row, or even the curriculum we picked for this year that seems just perfect for our little family. Nope!! My "school" room is their little hearts as well as mine!!!! As our school year begins in a couple of weeks, that is also when my household goods "should" arrive. This will also be the first year we participate in a Co-Op so I'm sure that adjustment will be a bit crazy as well. Do you see where this is going!!! In a few weeks I will be busy with alot of S-T-U-F-F. But all that S-T-U-F-F isn't what really matters; they are. How thankful I am that in the calm before the storm, God sat me down on His lap and had this little talk with me!!!

But no worries! I'll share my "school rooms" with you next week 


Monica said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU(!) for the precious reminder! I need to remember all that our Father spoke to you! Just found your blog and I think it is precious!
Don't look at mine because I haven't even posted anything in a year! But, I am hoping to make the deadline to enter our room!
May God richly bless your year!

MissMOE said...

Lovely post. Thanks for the reminder that school is more than the curriculum, new school supplies, and neat bookshelves. Enjoy your little ones while waiting for your stuff.

Millicent said...

so true! I hope you are able to get unpacked and settled quickly and easily!

T8ermomma said...

I've been there, we spent 3 years in Spain with the Navy. In our 16 years of Military service, I learned not only is our stuff not the important thing but all holidays with the exception of 4th of July and Halloween are movable. We lived in suitcases more time than I would like to remember. Enjoy the time you have without the stuff. It's just a distraction later!!

Suzanne said...

I just now saw that you linked to me with sweet, sweet words about my little school room/dining room! Thank you so much! And may you enjoy your absolutely perfect school room made up of your heart and your little ones' - you have it all JUST right!