Remember When: August (a summer day)


We are hoping to be settled in by the end of the month, which will only be possible if our TMO shipment gets here. As we gear up for school, summer is winding down and I feel like a little kid wondering where our summer went? Oh yeah that's right, we moved our family across the world. We spent three weeks with my Mema and Mom and I thought it would be fun to capture the awesome summer the kids had!!!!

There was a lot of playing in the water!!

We enjoyed our first water balloon fight of the summer!!!

..and even upgraded to a two lane slip-n-slide!!!

Of course not all fun was to be had in the sun!!!!
The kids enjoyed playing at McD's
Chuck E. Cheese

Or just chilling inside playing their new Nintendo DS' 

We were very blessed to take part in Salem Baptist Church's VBS!! The kids had a blast!!

So how was your summer? Join in the fun and capture those summer days before the fast pace of fall has you forgetting what you did. Remember, you have all month to join in the fun. Until next month, keep those cameras clicking and posts rolling!!

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Anonymous said...

The water play looks like a blast! Glad you are able to catch up with family!! That must be so nice. Hugs to you--can't wait to see pics of the new home. xoxo