Week 21 in Review

Well alot happened and ended this week. We are super excited that today is the last day of school for us, as well as the end of the year for our AWANA program. JJ was awarded his Book 1 ribbon for Sparks and LJ earned his silver review bubble, Book 1 and was announced Clubber of the Year for his TNT club!!! Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of Award Night!!!! But here the boys are, the day after and just as excited about their accomplishments.

We are very proud of our boys and think they did a fantastic job ALL year long!!! Well done boys, mom and dad could not be prouder of your dedication, commitment, and faithfulness to hiding God's word in your hearts!!!!!

Here JJ is helping CJ out on one of our favorite phonic websites Starfall

LJ ironing out his shirts

JJ finding something else to do because he was done with TV time

CJ not wanting her picture taken

I can't wait to share with you guys our very successful experiment with cookie dough that we can freeze

I finished up a baby blanket for a woman at church and can't wait to show you the blanket all put together

I also finished up some Thank You gifts for the boy's AWANA Leaders

Big Daddy found some Snap Lights and the kids had a blast playing with them

I worked on some more Hello Kitty accessories for CJ's room.

The most exciting event this week, hands down, was celebrating JJ's 6th birthday

The boys decorated the cake all by themselves and

JJ greatly enjoyed his gifts!!!!

Enjoy your weekend and we will see you again next week!!!

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Alicia said...

I love AWANA too!!!! Your son looks so proud of his awards!! Great job!!

And Happy 6th birthday! The cake looks fabulous!!