Remember When: May (Birthday Edition)


It's hard to believe that JJ will be 6 this year!!!! He was 1 week "late" and I was in a mall when he decided it was time make his debut. What a memorable ride to the hospital. From the time we got to the ER front doors till he was delivered was 43 minutes!!!! "Don't judge a book by it's cover" is a phrase I feel describes JJ to a "T". JJ was the only baby we decided to wait and find out the gender at birth.

Although I look rather miserable, JJ's pregnancy was one with little morning sickness, my energy level stayed up for most of it and I actually gained the least amount of weight as I could only eat fresh veggies and couldn't stand the smell of meat cooking.

Adjusting to JJ's arrival was rather smooth after all the commotion of his abrupt arrival settled down. I made sure that he took a pacifier and also began training him from day 1 to go to sleep on his own.

By 3 weeks, JJ was holding his head high, not wanting to miss out on any of the action his big brother was providing!!!

Speaking of big brother, this is where a friendship for a lifetime began!!!

When JJ was 4 months old we moved across the world and have been in Okinawa, Japan since. Hard to believe that this will be his last birthday here on the rock!!!

For JJ's 1st birthday we were blessed to have Matt's cousin and family on island to celebrate with us. We have always tried to keep 1st birthdays a family/close friends affair.

JJ's 2nd birthday began his love affair with Thomas!

His 3rd birthday would be the last one I had much say in what the theme was. The water slide was a big hit with him and all his little friends!!

JJ decided for his 4th birthday he wanted a pirate theme and he wanted to have it out in town at the A&W Restaurant.

One of the hard things about being a military child is that often your friends move or you move. We had a small but fun filled Monster truck birthday to celebrate 5 wonderful years God has blessed us with JJ.

And that brings us up to now, when we are just weeks from JJ turning 6. How thankful we are for each day we have had with JJ!!! I often say that my children teach me more than I could ever possibly hope to teach them! God uses each one of them, in different ways, to refine me. And how thankful I am that God has given me the privilege to be apart of their lives!! JJ, thank you for an amazing year. You have helped us through the bumps, joys, frustrations and added so much joy and humor to our lives!! Happy Birthday, we love you so much and pray that you always know without a shadow of doubt that our love is not conditional, not perfect, and never ending!!!!

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Scrapping Servant said...

I LOVE that pregnancy picture! and the story! but the picture... it reminds me that I definitely have bigger to get... 3 more months plus some, I need to spot complaining!!! You looked fabulous!!!

Scrapping Servant said...

Thanks for the labor tips, I will have to write that down.

I wanted to ask you if I could blog the preggo pic you have here? I keep coming back to it, it is so encouraging to me how wonderfully big you looked!