She's a Big Girl Now

CJ is finally Toilet Trained!!! It's been about a week so I feel very comfortable announcing this news!!! Who knew that the promise of pink finger nail polish and the special treat of having B-I-G girl nails would do the trick!!! I think what helped seal the deal is the fact that the nail polish actually served as a reminder. See, I told her if she decided not to use the toilet,(yes that is what we call it in our house) that I would have to take off the pink polish BECAUSE only B-I-G girls are allowed to paint their nails. Well she wasn't about to give up her pink nails and diapers are a thing of the past.

Ahhhhhh, yes I am enjoying this new phase in life greatly!!!!!

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Our Curly Girls said...

CJ---Aunt Shannon and her girls are SOOOO proud of you!!! WOOHOOOOO! Bye bye pull-ups, hello big girl in pink polish! We love you!