Homeschool Storytime and a Mother's Day Craft

One of the things I will truly miss about Okinawa is Mrs. Beth!!!

Mrs. Beth has the best songs that she sings at Preschool Storytime; which she allows my boys to be apart of, and is doing an amazing job with the Homeschool program she started. Once a month she comes up with amazing themes to teach our children about.

They get a mini lesson.This month Mrs. Beth did recycling.


and a craft!!!!

The kids did a recycling game where they had to put the items into the correct recycling bin. They had a blast!!

At last it was time for an eco-friendly craft!!This one called for potting soil, flower seeds, tissue paper, liquid starch, cups, paint brushes and some kid friendly shovels.

Each kid gets a cup...

and tissue paper.

In an age appropriate manner, distribute the liquid starch.

Next have the kids put some of their tissue on the cup and using paint brushes apply the liquid starch.

Continue to add tissue paper until your kiddos is happy with their creation.

Next we fill the cup up about half way full of soil...

add a couple of flower seeds...

and then add some more soil to adequately cover the seeds you just added.

Next add a little water each day and make sure your cup gets plenty of sunshine and before you know it, your child's craft will blossom into something they are sure to be proud of!!!

A quick note, this craft can get very colorful if your tissue paper bleeds. So you might consider having your children wear gloves to protect their hands and play clothes that you are not concerned with getting ruined.

Also if you are in need of a Mother's Day present, print of the below poems and attach or give it with your cup of dirt!!!!

A mother's love
and tender care
makes happiness
bloom everywhere.

I planted some seeds in hopes that they'd grow.
Something went wrong, I just didn't know.
Instead of some flowers, it's a cupful of dirt.
I love you ! I hope your feelings aren't hurt.

Check out CanTeach for some more great Mother's Day Poems!!!


Beth said...

Hi Brandy! This is so cool that you posted these pics, and the craft idea! I hope other kids can enjoy making their own flower pots :) I will truly miss you and your kids in storytime each week and I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to know you! Thanks for everything!

In Christ,

"Mrs" Beth

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Beth is a special woman! I could totally "get into" being in that class. All that hands on fun stuff is totally out of this world! What a talented, sweet woman!