Week 15 in Review

Well this week has been Spring Break for us. We have enjoyed not having to do much of anything yet doing alot at the same time. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. Go figure, right. At least I did get a couple as we enjoyed a day at one of the kids favorite places to hang out on a rainy day, Mona Kids!!!

(and what on earth is CJ doing, you might be asking?! wagging her "tail".)

Our neighbors go to preschool during the morning and since we have been on "break" it has allowed the kiddos to get more play time in.

This little tutu was a piece of cake compared to the Easter outfits I did this year. I wasn't sure I was willing to turn back on my sewing machine after all was said and done with making 2 shirts for the boys and 1 dress for CJ. But thankfully this required very little sewing and more knotting the tulle. I think she looks adorable!!!

And here are a couple to tease you as I prepare a post on all the fun we had with Itty-Bitty Book Worm this week!! I so wish I would have found this curriculum sooner. They are having a special on their Bo Year 3 curriculum if you are shopping around for a Pre-K program. I use it with both CJ (my 3 year old) and JJ (my 5 soon to be 6 year old) without a hitch. And BIG brother LJ often joins in as well!!! (please note that this offer is only good till April 30th)

Did you guess the theme of the week??? Well if not here is a clue: We hope you have an eggs-cellent weekend!!!


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Our Curly Girls said...

When are you opening your webstore???? ;) You should consider! You are so talented!! Love the tutu!!!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and spring break.