When you think of it this way...

So exactly 4 weeks ago I started a journey of weight loss plan with Medifast!! I didn't say much to anyone because 1) I wasn't sure how well it would work and 2)I didn't know if I could stick with the program as it said and didn't want others to use me as an example of failure concerning the Medifast program.... Now lets fast forward to this morning when my weigh in revealed that in one month I lost the equivalent of 4 5lb sugar bags:

and that is 20 pounds!!!

I did not take before or after pics this time but I do have before and after pics from when I did a program called Body by You:
Start weight of 168:

Finished weight of 149:

Current weight of 140:

When you do some research behind Medifast you find that it was originally designed to help those who were diabetic lose weight. From my understanding the packaged meals that you add water to are calorie controlled and designed to help boost your metabolism. This last part was what I needed!!! After being on medication that slowed my metabolism I saw that my weight was quickly being packed on. Keep in mind I am a Marine Corps veteran, so physical activity has not always been an issue for me. I know how to work out and after the Body by You program I gained a wealth of knowledge about how to eat right. Even after working out and monitoring my food I was STILL gaining weight. I knew that if something wasn't done this was going to spiral out of control. NOT that I recommend this but I stopped my medicine and saw that my weight leveled out but no matter what I did I wasn't able to lose weight.
Then a friend told me about how she lost over 40 pounds with Medifast. My first issue was the fact that I didn't have ALOT of weight to lose so would it work for me, I had never been able to lose those last 10 to 15 pounds, would this be the same??? Well as the pictures show, no. Next week I will begin my transition phase and start working out to tone, but not to lose weight!!! I am super excited to be fitting into all my old clothing just in time for the summer and even better is the fact that I walked up 4 flights of stairs without any pain in my knees, that was my wake up call!!! I was very pleased with my results and think that if you are looking at losing weight, this might be something you would want to look into!!!! I know I sure am glad I did!!!!


Alicia said...

Oh my gosh...you look awesome!!!!!

My aunt used to use Medifast and lost alot of weight!!

Our Curly Girls said...

Oh my!!!!!!!! What a transformation! WOW GIRL!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!! Dieting is a huge battle for me. Thank you for your inspiration. You look beautiful in all the pictures--before and after Medifast. Just wanted to let you know. :o) I need to lose that kind of sugar poundage, too. ;)

Glad spring break is going well!!! Kids are adorable.