Week 11 in Review

This past week was pretty low key. We stayed busy with school and trying to do anything to pass the time.

We do alot of dressing up in our home. Here is one of the costumes we got CJ last year for her birthday! We always get them a size or two bigger at this age and it just blows my mind to see it fitting her so well. Not sure if you can notice the smiley band-aid or not but this was her cure for a headache she had, he he.

JJ did alot of sleeping in. Sure wish I could sleep like him!!

CJ decided that she wanted to have a pj day. (I might be bias but I think her and Abbey Cadabby resemble each other!) By her side is her faithful ninja. He is always looking out for her and opportunities to be the annoying big brother.

Yea!!!!, I finished another dress for CJ!! This one was inspired by St. Patty Day.

I hope to have more news to share and loads of pics as well next week but for now here is to hoping each of you have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

I agree about Abby Cadabby--I can see it in CJ's gorgeous eyes! Too funny!!

The dress is absolutely beautiful and is a wonderful breath of spring.

Jealous about sleeping kind of kid!

He is risen!!! Happy Easter, Brandy and family!!