Scripture Memory Games

Our kids are a part of our church's AWANA program. LJ is in TNT and JJ is in Sparks. The AWANA program runs parallel to the public school year so we are down to our last couple of months. This is a very exciting time yet mundane can set in. So as JJ works for his review patch and LJ works to finish his last Discovery, I decided to come up with a game that would help them maintain their excitement for memorizing God's Word!!

For JJ I came up with a matching game. I print out the verse reference and Bible verse out on separate cards.

JJ is an beginner reader so right now I'm focused on him tying the references with the verse instead of reading the verses. So I can say Psalm 118:11 says "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good" which verse does Psalm 118:11 belong with. And although he is just learning to read, he is always able to figure out the right verse.

If you child is an independent reader, you can turn the cards over to make it a matching game. Now they have to find the verse and the reference to get a match!! When starting with a early reader you might want consider starting with just two verses. After they have those down then you can add a new verse as needed.This way you can reinforce new verses while reviewing older ones all at the same time.

LJ has longer verses to memorize so I wanted to be able to break down the verses into smaller sizes to help him whiz through memorizing them. I decided to write the verses on index cards and cut the verse apart.

Then he has to take the mixed up verse

and put it back together again!

Mama Jenn inspired me with her calendar board post and so I decided to store their game pieces on our school cork board in baseball card protectors! I really like the hook idea Mama Jenn used but when I decided to put ours together all I had was push pins. Hey, it works!

Another cool thing about using baseball card protectors is that once we are done

we can simply put them into a 3 ring binder for storage!!

You can use these ideas for many learning subjects, foreign language, matching objects to their shadows, Upper and lower case letters, or math facts. This list can go on and on!! I hope this gave you a little bit of inspiration and put some excitement back into what ever it is you are teaching your children!!!


sippy cup mom said...

Great looking glad you stopped by mine. Love your bible verse matching. Thanks, Karen
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Victoria said...

Great Idea on the Games! I have 5 kids - different ages. You gave me some food for thought.

Mama Jenn said...

I am LOVING the idea of using the baseball card holder for the Bible verses.'ve got me thinking...

Thanks for linking up!!!

Our Curly Girls said...

You are so creative--super idea!