Getting it all done

Fat chance!! I don't think there is a single day where all that I "planned" to get done is completed. There are however somethings that I "must" get done and I have a check list, of sorts, that I keep up on my refrigerator to help me stay focused through out my day.

Well I wrote notes on the pic but you can't read them :( Basically on the left is my daily "must do's" as I do them I put a check mark by it.

At the bottom left is my to do list. I usually start that at the beginning of each month and don't add to it until I have all the items accomplished.

On the right is my weekly calendar. I am really big about planning ahead with our schedule so once I have our schedule up for the week, I don't usually add to it. This helps me from falling into the trap of being so busy.

Recently the Lord placed upon my heart about teaching my children to be still before the Lord. Now I'm not talking about sitting in a chair without moving. No rather I feel the Lord is showing me to help my children establish a habit, early on, about ensuring they have carved out time for Him daily. So often our schedules are filled with alot of good activities but they are not the best activities.

The Lord has also shown me to stop trying to take so many short cuts. I shouldn't always be trying to make 30 minute meals for my family just so I can attend this function or get this activity squeezed into our day. At the beginning of the year, God confirmed our desire to home school and gave me some great advice on how to do it and still be a happy family."Brandy I have called you and your husband to home school. So if there is anything that prevents you from doing this, then that is NOT my will for you at this time!!!" I just love it when God is straight and to the point with me!!! So through much prayer God has given me the goal of making our lives non busy so that our days are set up to enable stillness before the Lord.

I have been doing this for about 3 weeks, and I will tell you, it has made a difference in my own continence with my children and provided so much more time before the Lord each day. I'm not as quick to get frustrated with the children as I am not feeling pulled in all directions. It has actually made going with God's flow for the day more easy and I am able to enjoy all those wonderful surprises He has waiting for me!!!

So as Resurrection Sunday approaches, I would encourage you to cut out some of the business of your life so that you can really be before the Lord as you prepare your heart to celebrate His Glorious Resurrection!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am all about lists....when I don't discipline myself to make out "the list," my chores and errands do not get done in a timely manner (or at all, lol).

My goal is to make more time for His word. Always a goal, but I am putting this on my must-do list. You inspire me.

Hey--I have a bunch of outgrown smocked dresses for Cera. Would you like to have them? Do you want me to ship to you when you are back home in the states???

Blessings, friend!