Edible Color Wheel

This isn't an original idea or the first time we have done the color wheel but it was the first time we tried it with frosting!! When you live on a tropical island and it gets a bit cold and windy it makes for some yucky time indoors, especially when your kids aren't use to it. So after 2 days of being stuck indoors and waking up to another rainy day, I knew I had to do something fast to get this day off on a good note. So I decided to bake cupcakes with CJ cause she was the only one up.

While the cupcakes were baking the boys woke up and I wanted to keep them off the T.V. so I decided to first do a color wheel with some frosting I had.

Then I decided to let the kiddos make an educated guess as to what color would be made when they mixed their colors.

The kids were so excited at this point!

Here is JJ mixing his colors and was very excited to get orange!

I was surprised LJ didn't get made at getting a girl color but maybe his taste buds overwhelmed his normal boy thinking, lol!

We made sure that CJ ended up with green because that is her color of the month with IttyBitty Bookworm.

Our edible color wheel completed.

And the kiddos starting off their day with a bit of fun!!

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Mama Jenn said...

Looks yummy!!! I saw this on another blog as well and I have wanted to do it...just didn't get around to it when we did our unit on color. Maybe next time! :-)

Thanks for linking up!