Week 8 in Review

Our week didn't start off well as our sickness from the weekend carried well on into the week. So we just stayed around the house and took it easy. I was able to finally get the buttons on CJs dress which meant I was able to complete another dress on time!!!!

Big Daddy got some great play time in with the kids before he headed off to the Philippians.

I was also able to spend some fun pre-stressed out time with the kids and we went to a new sushi go round.

Now that Big Daddy is gone, I think the camera is too. So I guess this would be a good time to end this post and hope that the camera is really in my purse in the van, lol. If not I guess I will be going old school with the pics over the next month and getting some of those posts I never published dusted off!!! Have a great weekend!

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