Jenga for scripture memory?

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you probably know that we are an AWANA family. I have a first year TNTer and a first year SPARKy and I am our Cubbie Director. AWANA fills the role of scripture memory in our home and supplements our Bible lessons from Bible Study For All Ages.

Here is JJ working on one of the Beginner Pages!

It is honest to say that sometimes the boys do get into ruts when memorizing their verses!! Because I want this to be a lifelong habit it needs to be kept fun, at least that is my own opinion. So the other day I decided to use Jenga blocks as a memory tool. It all started because LJ locked onto the Jenga blocks at the same time he was suppose to be working in his TNT book. And rather than go into a long discussion about how he's not being diligent, not obeying, yada yada yada I encouraged him to do both!!

I suggested that as he laid each block down he should recite a word from his verse and continue until all the blocks were in place. Then as he took away a block he could also recite his verse, word by word, all over again. He was allowed to play as long as he wanted, IF, he was working on his verse at the same time. Jingle jangle; it worked!!! Still not sure who was happier him or me, lol.

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