Week 7 in Review

As I sit here I am wondering where our week went and it is hard to remember, with this pounding headache, what exactly we did. I do know that Big Daddy was home on Monday and I got a chance to go to a friend's to see if we could get my serger running. No such luck, but I was able to find some buttons to finish CJ's dress of the month!!! Sickness is starting to work it's way through our house so CJ stayed home with Big Daddy on Wednesday. The boys' hard work paid off at AWANA as LJ completed Discovery 6 and JJ has only one more section before he completes his first Spark book and then will work for his review patch. And if that wouldn't make a mama's heart burst with pride, JJ comes home with a certificate because he was clubber of the month for January!!! I was also excited to see my vision for my Wordless Bible completed just in time for our Cubbie's club night. Since there is something wrong with my serger I had to modify my pattern a bit but, I think, over all it turned out great. After modifying the original story,which I will post next week, it was perfect for story time. As we head into to our 7th weekend of 2010 it isn't look pretty. Both CJ and I are down for the count and I think I will just spend the weekend in my bed. Sigh. Here are some pics from the week, hope you enjoy them Mema!!!!

CJ all dressed up and ready to go to church on Valentine's Day

and here she is putting on a puppet show for us.

JJ waiting his turn for a puppet show. It always amazes me at how his brain works. This week he came up to me and asked:"Momma, was it boring when I was in your stomach." "Were you born in my stomach? Well God created you in my stomach." "No, was I bored!!" (Understanding what he said now) "Well, I don't know if you were bored or not." "I bet I was cause there wasn't a T.V. in there." Yeah, the things he comes up with just get me laughing too!!.

And here is LJ reading the comics from the daily newspaper we get. He has also gotten into doing cross word puzzles and I'm thinking that could count as a spelling lesson right?!

Of course my needle would break on the very last wordless bible I was making. If only that had been the only problem I had in getting those things put together!!

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Alicia said...

If my kids watch a movie, that is part of school too! LOL!!

Your daughter looks ADORABLE in her outfit!!!!! Love it!!!

And how cute what your son said about being bored!!!! BOYS!