Is that so....

We had a very motivating, encouraging, and eye opening guest speaker at church yesterday. (Don't forget I live in Japan) Mark Cahill, was spot on in all that he shared with our congregation. I thought it was so telling when he shared with us that instead of asking "How can I share my faith" you should be asking "How can I NOT share my faith." It was awesome to see the truth of the Gospel just renew our church and I could see God light the desire of sharing Jesus with the lost, person after person. People, that is what it is all about!!! Churches joining together and going out to proclaim the Gospel of Christ!! I'm not sure how many people caught it, as I almost missed it when Mark said "Satan couldn't stop 12 men from spreading the news of Christ and there is no way he could stop a whole church." How true, how true. So why don't we spread the truth of Christ?

I think one of the reasons is judgment, on our part. Mark Cahill gave a couple of examples about how the media does not tell the whole story and then he brought up Tiger Wood. Who doesn't know about what is going on in his life? What a blessing, I thought, it was when he brought that into perspective as he asked us: "Who would want their sins, their thoughts, their hearts posted up on that screen for all to see? Be thankful your sins are not broad casted for all to know." Oh how true, how true. As I laid in bed last night , " We don't hate the sinner, we hate the sin" kept popping in my mind. And then I began to ponder more, yes I think I do talk to myself as I answered that thought: "If that is the case, why do so many Christians allow, excuse, tolerate (you put in what ever word works for you) in our own lives? We don't hate sin, we hate getting caught!" Oh I can go on and on with more but my point is our churches would be more opened armed with all the lost if we really grasped the depravity of our own state. If we realized that in our flesh we are no better than other person on this Earth. There is nothing that we have done, said, taught, preached, made, or sacrificed that has made us look any better in God's eyes. Nothing!!! It is only through Christ that we are pleasing in His eyes and it is only as Christ works in us to transforms us do we begin to change. We don't change on our own, we don't change ourselves. It is Christ that changes us and until we, as Christians, grasp that and begin to live in that truth our nation will not change.

Mark spoke about what would it take to get our attention? What will it take to get your attention? Jaque Shank ,founder of Visionwriters International once said "God comes to you the easiest way you let Him." So the question then becomes what have you put between you and God? Only you can answer that and only through our Savior Jesus Christ can God change the desires of your hearts.

I would encourage you to check out Mark's website: Mark Cahill Ministries. I know I am very excited to read both his books: One Heart Beat Away and One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven.

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