Week 5 in Review

Are you serious?! We are already headed into Week 6 of 2010, so that means it's time to update family and friends on what we have been doing all week!

CJ turned 3

and we had a baby visitor

AND I completed CJs Valentine dress!!

I especially enjoyed watching the kids playing Super Heroes!

No way three's a crowd in our home! I love watching CJ keeping up with her brothers!

This is JJ, but don't mistaken him as a side kick as he has a way all his own of doing things when and how he wants!!

LJ is a leader by birth and heart!! It is amazing to see how God has designed him to be the Big, BIG brother and he steps up to the plate every time!

CJ, ha ha is just along for the ride right now and that is okay cause it means loads of laughs as she mimics her brothers.

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The Mommy One said...

I saw your post from Cary Hairbows, Eliza is my baby. :-) I wanted to come check out the dress you were talking about and you did a fantastic job. It is beautiful!